Manufacturing AI chatbot that searches across all your company apps

With Seraf, you can stop searching and start doing.

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An AI manufacturing chatbot for your employees

Say goodbye to searching

Manage orders, oversee production, track shipments, view customer communication, and receive reports from a single chatbot.

Revolutionize your workplace communication

Ever felt the hesitation to ask crucial questions at work? Seraf is here to break down those communication barriers. No more fear of ridicule – Seraf creates a safe space for your employees to ask anything.

Get real-time updates tailored to your role

With Seraf, your team is always in the loop. Accounting receives financial insights, managers access production metrics, and sales and service teams stay informed about customers. All they have to do is ask.

Keep the answers on-brand

Customize Seraf to embody your brand identity. Set it up to answer questions in a way that aligns with your company's tone of voice and culture.

Unlock insights

Seraf is an AI manufacturing tool that simplifies reporting like never before. No more daunting interfaces or waiting on tech teams. It's the tool you've always wished for, making it easy to access your data in various ways.

Seraf in your day-to-day

Seraf in your day-to-day

  • Talk to the chatbot like your colleague

    Get the answers you need to be more productive. Ask Seraf any question and it will dig through the tools you use to come up with answers.

  • Automate your processes

    Seraf can organize your documents, schedule tasks, and provide reports so that you and your team can focus on what you do best.

  • Decide who gets access to what

    Seraf ensures sensitive information is only accessible to authorized personnel, maintaining your data's confidentiality.

See how it works

Seamless integration into your workflow

Seamless integration into your workflow

We configure Seraf to fit your manufacturing environment, ensuring it aligns with your existing processes and systems. Our team guides you through the setup every step of the way.

Hear from our customers

Adopting new technologies has been what's helped Freedman stay on top of its industry for 125+ years. We're excited for all the value Seraf and their team is bringing to our organization.

Craig Freedman,CEO, Freedman Seating Company

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