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Seraf: Your team’s team

Shift from searching to doing

Seraf knows where all your company's knowledge lives, from the most detailed reports to the latest team updates. Accessible anytime, it's your go-to for anything you need to know.

Make it easy for people to source information

Dive deep into the heart of your organizational knowledge with Seraf's fully referenceable workplace search.

With Seraf, you have the power to not just find information but to trace its origins, ensuring that every piece of data you access is accurate, reliable, and grounded in the context of its source.

The right people, the right information

Seraf's role-based access means users only see what they're supposed to.

This setup is key for keeping things like financial records, legal documents, and personal employee details secure. It's easy to manage who sees what, making sure everyone has the info they need without risking data privacy.

Hear from our customers

Before Seraf, our employees spent about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30 percent of the workday, searching for and gathering information. Today, everyone on our team can get the answers they need in less than 5 minutes.

Craig Freedman,CEO, Freedman Seating Company 

See how you can make workplace search infinitely better

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