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The evolution of
HR with AI

With Seraf, get real-time insights that put company-wide policy updates, recent performance evaluations, and trusted employee information right at your fingertips. Spend less time on administrative tasks and devote time to what’s most important: employee relations, retention, and engagement.

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Future of HR with
Generative AI

Improve HR management with Seraf, an AI solution that streamlines complex workflows, ensures compliance, and boosts employee engagement.

AI in HR for effortless workflow automation

Seraf’s AI-powered HR software helps you save time by automating daily workflows, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives and create a positive employee experience. Seraf is designed to complement and enhance HR functions, not replace the invaluable human touch that HR professionals provide.

Improve the employee
with HR AI Software

Transform your employees’ journey with Seraf’s AI-powered onboarding and training. Our platform simplifies and customizes these processes, accelerating onboarding timelines, ensuring comprehensive training, and fostering a skilled and empowered workforce. By consolidating all information in one platform, we eliminate complexities and enable HR professionals to create a positive and memorable employee experience.

Data-Driven Decision-Support
with AI HR Assistant

Get real-time data analytics and insights to optimize resource allocation and drive organizational success with Seraf. Our comprehensive HR tool offers a transformative experience that positions your organization as a leader in innovation and success. We provide enhanced security and cutting-edge technology to help you make informed HR decisions with ease.

Save Time and Money
with AI Tools for Human Resources

Seraf is your HR ally, designed to save you time and money. Our intelligent automation and seamless integrations simplify complex tasks, freeing you to focus on strategic initiatives. Streamlined workflows increase productivity and empower you to do more with your resources. Seraf is more than a tool; it’s a strategic partner for HR professionals optimizing operations and elevating their impact.

AI for HR teams'
Day-to-Day Operations

Seamless Task Management

Seraf simplifies HR operations with seamless task management features. From employee record-keeping to leave management, experience an efficient workflow that ensures accuracy and compliance.

Employee Engagement

Tailor your employee training with Seraf. Integrate engagement surveys seamlessly and gain valuable insights. Our intelligent platform helps you create a culture of continuous improvement while saving time for strategic HR initiatives.

Role-based Access

Seraf ensures only the right people can see the right information. Salaries, performance reviews, and contracts stay with HR, never leaking to other departments.
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Seamless Integration Into Your Existing Tools

Seraf is designed to be compatible with your existing software ecosystem, seamlessly integrating with project management tools, communication platforms, or CRM systems.

With Seraf, you can experience a cohesive, interconnected environment across all your essential business and AI applications.

Hear from our customers

Adopting new technologies has been what's helped Freedman stay on top of its industry for 125+ years. We're excited for all the value Seraf and their team is bringing to our organization.

Craig Freedman,CEO, Freedman Seating Company 

Ready to take your role and business to the next level with the help of Seraf?

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