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Our story

Seraf emerged from Verenia, a tool loved by sales teams all over the world. When Oracle bought Verenia’s CPQ business in 2022, our team had over 15 years in the enterprise software arena.

We recognized that while AI was a great tool, it needed guardrails to become useful to enterprises. Seraf is that vision realized, putting secure data governance tools around the AI, ensuring security around your organization’s treasured data. This allows businesses to get use of AI without compromising security.

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Our mission

At Seraf, our mission is simple: make your workday smoother so you can focus on what really matters.

We're here to change the way you look for information at work, ensuring that everything you need is just a quick search away—no matter where it resides. From detailed reports to the latest team updates, Seraf brings it all to your fingertips, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Our culture

At Seraf, people always come first. We are not only building a successful product but a place where people love to work and can grow personally and professionally.

We’re headquartered in Chicago, but our team works from all over the world, including Ukraine, the US, Spain, Argentina, Turkey, UAE, and other countries.

“This is an environment where everyone, no kidding, is happy. The products are industry-leading, and client satisfaction is high. Bonus, you will have a great laugh each and every day on internal calls. Work gets done along with a shared joke. Everyone respects each other and works through challenges as they arise.”
Brian Birkland, Project Manager
100% of our employees would recommend this workplace to a friend

Our leadership

Victorio Pellicano

Founder / CEO

Vic is the founder of Verenia, a tool loved by sales teams all over the world. When Oracle bought our CPQ business in 2022, Vic had over 15 years in the enterprise software arena.

Yana Rova

Chief of Staff

Yana's career trajectory at Verenia saw her rise from generating leads as an MDR to ultimately running the CPQ part of our business after Oracle's acquisition of our NetSuite solution.

Ibraheem Barbahan

Solutions Manager

As the Solutions Manager at Verenia, I am dedicated to working closely with our clients, ensuring they achieve optimal results from both our trusted legacy solutions and the groundbreaking capabilities of Seraf.

Andrew Ashur

Board Advisor

Andrew, hailing from Charlotte, prioritizes safety and productivity solutions for clients, leveraging his background in extreme productivity and strategic partnerships to drive overall operations.

Rob Eckardt

Board Advisor

Rob, a business leader, advocates seeking expert guidance to navigate key business challenges and drive success through collaborative problem-solving.

Glenn Thomas

Board Advisor

Glenn, a retired Senior Managing Director from Accenture with over 32 years of experience, specializes in driving business transformation and enjoys family time in Chicago, sports, travel, and culinary adventures.

Our impact

Seraf is an up-and-coming company that has already won early adopters on Capterra. Our goal is to revolutionize the way people search for information at work,  one question at a time.

Adopting new technologies has been what's helped Freedman stay on top of its industry for 125+ years. We're excited for all the value Seraf and their team is bringing to our organization.

Craig Freedman,CEO, Freedman Seating Company 

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