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How Freedman Seating Company saved hundreds of hours with Seraf AI

Explore how Freedman Seating Company, established in 1894 and known for its innovative seating solutions, significantly improved its operations by integrating Seraf AI. Our case study details this strategic shift, highlighting a fivefold return on investment from substantial time savings.

Before adopting Seraf, employees at Freedman spent an average of 2.5 hours each day searching for information, from HR documents to customer service data. This not only hampered productivity but also frustrated staff, leading to a cumbersome workflow.

With the introduction of Seraf AI, these challenges were mitigated. Employees can now retrieve necessary information across platforms like Notion, Slack, Jira, and Google Drive in less than five minutes. This has transformed the day-to-day operations into a more manageable process, drastically cutting down time spent on information retrieval.

The case study also showcases how 80% of Freedman’s workforce has embraced Seraf for regular use, illustrating its effectiveness in streamlining knowledge discovery and data access. This ease of access is particularly valuable in hybrid work environments where quick information retrieval is critical.

Learn how Freedman Seating Company managed to save 700 collective hours each month, allowing employees to focus more on core business activities rather than information gathering.

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