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Top 7 Seraf use cases by department

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Finding answers at work can be frustrating and time-consuming. That’s where Seraf comes in.

At Seraf, we’ve built an AI-powered workplace chatbot designed to answer any question an employee might have about their daily tasks.

Already trusted by large enterprises across various industries, Seraf is transforming how companies operate.

For instance, Freedman Seating Company, a manufacturer of transportation seats, saves hundreds of hours every month with Seraf, significantly boosting their productivity and revenue.

Let’s explore some impactful ways companies are using Seraf to streamline their operations.


Seraf can significantly streamline accounting tasks. Here’s how accountants can leverage Seraf in their daily operations:

  • Expense tracking: Automate expense report generation and categorization by pulling data from receipts, invoices, and transaction records.
  • Tax compliance: Identify discrepancies in payroll and tax filings, ensuring accurate withholdings and timely submissions.
  • Financial reporting: Generate and review financial statements by analyzing data from various documents and files.
  • Audit preparation: Facilitate audits by organizing and verifying financial records, highlighting anomalies for review.

Accountants can ask Seraf questions like:

“Can you generate the latest expense report for the marketing department?”

“Have any employees underpaid or overpaid their taxes this quarter?”

“Can you pull the income statement and balance sheet for the last fiscal year?”

Top 7 Seraf use cases by department Top 7 Seraf use cases by department

Customer service

Seraf can greatly enhance customer service operations. Here’s how:

Product information and features
Reps can quickly find answers to product-specific questions, such as:

  • “Can the Smart Thermostat control multiple zones?”
  • “What is the range of the Smart Security Camera?”

Technical support and troubleshooting
Seraf assists with technical issues, providing instant solutions to queries like:

  • “What does error code E5 mean on the Smart Washer?”
  • “How do I update the firmware on the Smart Refrigerator?”

Orders, shipping, and delivery
Handle returns and exchanges efficiently with answers to:

  • “How do I exchange a defective Smart Light Bulb?”
  • “What is the return policy for Smart Home Devices?”

Account management
Assist with account-related questions effortlessly, such as:

  • “How can I add a new user to my Smart Home Account?”
  • “How do I deactivate a device from my account?”

By automating these tasks, Seraf enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Seraf can significantly streamline legal work by reducing time spent on various tasks. Here’s how:

Document review
Seraf excels at pulling essential information from extensive documents, such as emails, contracts, and records, allowing legal professionals to quickly find crucial details.

Legal research
Seraf can analyze legal texts, statutes, and case law to extract pertinent information and summarize it, aiding in comprehensive research and strengthening legal arguments.

Predicting legal outcomes
Seraf provides data-driven analysis to predict legal outcomes, reducing bias and offering impartial insights into potential case results.


Seraf can significantly improve sales operations by automating routine tasks and providing valuable insights. Here’s how:

Analyzing top performers
Seraf can identify and analyze the top performers in the sales team by evaluating key metrics and sales data, helping to replicate successful strategies.

Forecasting sales figures
Seraf provides accurate sales forecasts by analyzing historical sales data and market trends, aiding in strategic planning and goal setting.

Closing deals
Seraf assists in closing deals by providing real-time information on product availability, pricing, and customer preferences, streamlining the sales process.


Seraf can be an invaluable tool for operations teams, as it allows for more confident and accurate decision making.

Inventory management
“Analyze this inventory spreadsheet and highlight items that are below reorder levels.”
“Summarize the stock levels and forecast demand for the next quarter from the inventory report.”

Supply chain optimization
“Extract key metrics from our logistics report to identify bottlenecks.”
“Provide an overview of shipping times and delays from the latest supply chain Excel file.”

Workflow management
“Generate a summary of task completion rates and pending tasks from this project management spreadsheet.”
“Highlight any overdue tasks and resource allocation from the operations report.”


With Seraf, HR professionals can enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and improve employee engagement.

Employee information retrieval
HR teams can quickly access compensation details, performance reviews, and employee feedback by asking Seraf:

  • “What are our company’s policies on remote work?”
  • “List employees eligible for the annual bonus program.”

Seraf assists in the recruitment process by identifying candidates, creating job descriptions, and generating offer letters:

  • “Identify potential candidates with five years of experience in software development.”
  • “Create a job description for a Senior Data Analyst role.”

Onboarding new employees
Seraf simplifies onboarding by providing checklists and schedules:

  • “Provide the new employee with a checklist of forms to complete before their start date.”
  • “Share a calendar of upcoming training sessions for the new employee.”

Employee training scheduling and management
Seraf helps manage training by sourcing materials and tracking activities:

  • “What are the most common skill gaps among our employees that require training?”
  • “Draft an email invitation for an upcoming leadership seminar.”


By leveraging Seraf, finance professionals can ensure compliance, detect fraud, and efficiently manage information.

Regulatory compliance
HR teams can quickly access compensation details, performance reviews, and employee feedback by asking Seraf:

  • “Summarize the impact of new capital regulations on our reserves from this PDF.”
  • “Extract key points about compliance requirements from the latest regulatory report.”

Fraud prevention

  • “Highlight any unusual transactions in the last month’s transaction log CSV file.”
  • “Identify patterns of suspicious activity in the recent credit card transaction spreadsheet.”

Information retrieval

  • “Pull the key financial metrics from the latest quarterly report spreadsheet.”
  • “Provide a summary of expenses and revenues from last month’s Excel file.”


Final thoughts

Seraf enhances efficiency and productivity across various departments.

From streamlining accounting tasks and boosting customer service to supporting legal research, optimizing sales, managing operations, improving HR processes, and ensuring finance compliance, Seraf automates routine tasks and provides valuable insights. This allows employees to focus on strategic work, ultimately driving better business outcomes.

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