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Give me a list of vendors stored in SoftLedger
Please provide information on Q2 bank balance and transactions
Start reconciling ledger balances from the last quarter

I need to pull up Michael Thompson's account information for his upcoming loan review meeting.

I've found Mr. Thompson's account information, including current loan balance, payment history, and credit score.

An AI-powered search for modern
finance teams

Accurate financial reporting at your fingertips

Whether you’re using Netsuite ERP, SoftLedger, or TallyPrime, Seraf will sift through your financial data to bring you actionable insights right when you need them. Access an extensive range of financial data, including real-time market updates, historical financial reports, and intricate ledger entries.

Immersive charts and graphs at your fingertips

Visualize investment trends, portfolio distributions, and market comparisons at a glance. Make informed decisions with beautifully rendered visual data insights. Create compelling financial reports featuring dynamic charts and graphs that highlight key financial metrics, trends, and projections. Seraf's visualization tools bring your financial data to life by making it accessible and actionable in less than a minute.

Smart role-based access

Based on who you are, what you’re working on and who you’re working with, Seraf personalizes your search results so that they’re always relevant to you.

Forget the complexities of manually configuring access permissions for different roles and levels within your company. Seraf ensures that every employee accesses only the information they’re authorized to view, preserving data integrity.

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Hear from our customers

Before Seraf, our employees spent about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30 percent of the workday, searching for and gathering information. Today, everyone on our team can get the answers they need in less than 5 minutes.

Craig Freedman,CEO, Freedman Seating Company 

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